Zhanhuang happy playing games on birthday

  • Knight star LeBron James will meet his 33-year-old birthday NBA Live Coins tomorrow, local time, they will be away against the Utah Jazz.

    "It feels great to have a new year of life," James said in an interview. "I'm not going to take for granted these moments. I not only celebrate my birthday, but also on the birthday Playing an NBA game is an icing on the cake for my birthday. "

    The Knight will usher in a Knight tomorrow, the seventh of his 15 seasons on his birthday. The first six James have played well, averaging 33.5 points and 7.5 rebounds and 6.7 assists, shooting 56%, 15-for-32 shooting.

    "This is my birthday, my birthday, you certainly want to play a wonderful performance in this way ... Fortunately, I have participated in the birthday of the day a few games," said James.

    Cavaliers team leave yesterday, they visited Napa Canyon. They taste fine wine, visit the wine cellar and enjoy their meal all day long. Before flying to Utah, they trained at a local high school.

    Speaking of this holiday, James said very happy: "You see us every day, try to think about when we and a lot of wine with the scene, this is not what we consider the confidential activities.We are all together, Have a great time and I have some very good friends over there and they have a lot of fine vineyards that allow us to visit some great places.

    "The craziest thing is that this is probably the best training we've had for a whole year. Everyone is happy to join and full of enthusiasm." Cavaliers coach Taylor-Lu said: "This is really a great training We want a confrontation training for Thomas' comeback, everyone is active, they're all ready, so if we can keep them going so energetically, maybe we need to come here once per game ."