Stevenson Dallas six people in double wins the pacers

  • Beijing time on December 28th, the NBA regular Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins season fighting 10 games, the Dallas mavericks away to a 98-94 win over the indiana pacers, 2 consecutive victories.Dirk nowitzki 15 points, seven rebounds, the mavericks 6 players in double figures, and the pacers Stevenson 16 points and 15 rebounds.

    Leading the pacers start with 10-4, Barnes scored 7 points, to help the mavericks the lakers.The first quarter, the pacers to 29-22 lead 7 points.The second section, the mavericks a difference-maker Powell, his two contributed 11 points, to help the mavericks during a 8-0 small climax.Halftime, the mavericks to 53-54 only 1 points behind.

    In the third quarter, dirk nowitzki hits three points, the mavericks will take their success, but the second half of this section, bogurda Norwich and Turner has shot 3 points, help the pacers to retake the lead.Fourth quarter, the pacers at one point in nearly four minutes without scoring, the mavericks to complete a 10-0 attack wave will be tied the score.Scored 25 seconds, Smith, the mavericks leading the three points, three points and collison and Stevenson has wide, 98-94 win over the indiana pacers, the mavericks have 2 in a row.