Clippers rookie Jia Wang Evans

  • Recently, the Clippers rookie Jia Wang - Evans participated in a local club NBA Live Coins in Los Angeles held Christmas activities. He made cookies with the children of the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.

    "When you're lucky enough to give back to your community, you should do it, and it's important," says Jia Wang. "Holidays should be a special time for everyone, so I want to continue to play for me in the community Character."

    "We are very grateful to Zhu Wanneng for taking the time out to enjoy the festivities with the children here," said Mike Culpepper, head of BGCH. "The kids had a lot of joy in making cookies, especially when they received the gift So to speak, Jia Wang is very concerned about the community in Los Angeles. "

    This season so far, Jia Wang averaged 16.1 minutes a game, can get 5.4 points, 1.6 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 0.72 steals.