Claude Details changed the game

  • Knight away to the 92-99 loss to the Warriors NBA Live Coins in a focus of war ended today. Cleveland players in the game Jay - Claude played 29 minutes, 10 voted 5, 3-pointers 5 vote 3, get 15 points and 6 rebounds. Claude in the interview after the game lost some of the team's loss.

    "We did not play offensively tonight, and when a good team is offensive, they find other ways to win," Claude said. "I think we're trying to be a great team and we need to do a lot more and we'll be patient."

    "I think the two teams have a pretty good chance of winning in the closing stages of the game, but we missed a few rebounds and did not step back in time, and these details changed the game. It's not about shooting, nothing about anything else It was a pity that we could not do that at the crucial moment of the game and that the team we were on the court would not panicked did not come forward and we did not come forward at a crucial time in the game, "Claude went on to say.

    After the game, the Knights made 24 wins and 10 losses, ranked third in the east.