James Before leaving the middle

  • Cavaliers 115-112 win over the Bulls today Knight forward NBA Live Coins LeBron - James played 39 minutes, 12 of 12 shots to get 34 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals.

    1 minute 01 seconds left in the game, James facing the Bulls guard Chris - Dunne hit a stand-off jump jumper to lead the Cavaliers to 6 points and two free throws in the final 11.1 seconds to seal the victory. Turning to that key jumper, James said: "I had already done one or two midfield breaks in the face of Chris Dunn before, so I guess he would try to hold the middle in the last defensive, and you know He really defended the middle and I knew I could finish the stand-up jumper, so I'm very happy to get the ball in. "

    Knight center scored 27 points and 7 rebounds Kevin Love - For the Bulls 7-game winning streak ended: "The whole game is intense and intense, they have been playing well recently, and their wounded basically returned One or two other players are absent, but the other side has been in a good shape for the past few weeks and they are doing well tonight.

    Cavaliers coach Taylor - Lutheran suddenly missed due to illness before the game, Knight's chief assistants Larry - Drew took over the pointer. "In fact, I got about 30 minutes before the start to get the news I needed to co-host the game," Drew said. "I talked to him earlier, and I can see that his body was not feeling 100%. I know he's Maybe I could not play tonight, but when we met with the team, I got the news of his absence confirmed tonight, and at the moment he feels better. "