Carey Owen do not mind the reduction of playing time

  • Celtic defender Cary Owen has averaged 31.8 minutes per game LOLGA this season, 3.3 minutes less than last season's average, but Owen said in an interview he understands and is willing to accept such an arrangement .

    "These will all be adjusted as the season progresses," Owen said. "I never worry about playing time, I need to accept the team for long-term consideration. Some games still require me to play 35 minutes Often, that's not the case for back-to-back or something like that, so I'll make good use of this. "

    Last season, Owen played 35.1 minutes per game in the Cavaliers, ranked 15th in the league, and Owen now averaged 31.8 minutes per game outside the top 50 in the league.

    "I think it would be good for me to get a rest for the future," Owen went on to say. "I think it is the best thing for my body so I do not mind that."

    But when the game came to a crucial moment, Owen still wanted a higher usage rate.

    "I can not wait, I can not wait. Playing on the court is always a very enjoyable thing," said Owen with a smile.