If Guerrero and Brady are very personal friends

  • If Guerrero and Brady are very personal friends and a long time, and the team medical team and local media dissatisfaction is only an internal problem, then today, Bilicche reclaims Brady's privilege and openly to Guerrero issued Decrease orders quickly make this issue surfaced and magnified quickly boarded the national sports news programs headlines. And all this unexpected situation is quite a bit more than the personal behavior of Lischeck means. And Brady heard the news, the first time through local radio to support his close friends, "Alex is the most crucial reason I can continue to  Madden Coins play now."


    Patriots with team reporter Albert Albion disclosed a tension between Bicacek and Brady when he was on the Fox Sports Network's signature talk show "the herd." The relationship between them has never been close, and it has always been the occupational relationship at work, without any personal relationship. Even this season, Bilicchek had once again probed the possibility of trading Brady the boss Kraft, and even in the offseason, Bilicchek also had a direct expression when answering questions from reporters, the grim coach Having said, "I will have a chance to lead Garopault to the Super Bowl." Brady and the talent burst on the team's iconic character have a tremendous chance of being called the team's next-generation kanban quarterback Garopau Lo, the Patriots team had shaken up and down, and can see that, obviously, Bilibic once more optimistic about Garo Polo.