Manchester United dispatched the Pugba

  • In the previous League Cup event, as the British crown team Bristol City outstanding performance, has successively Waterford, Stoke City and the Crystal Palace three Premier League teams eliminated, completed the more excesses of the killing script. Then again in the early morning against the mighty Manchester United broke the big upset, so Mourinho's Manchester United has become a backdrop.


    Manchester United dispatched the Pugba, Martial, Rushford, Ibrahimovic, Rojo and other generals, but did not suppress on the road. Although the overall number of shots to 19:11 lead, but shot the number of times but 5: 6 behind. From the actual process of FIFA 18 Coins the game point of view, Bristol City performed better in the second half, with excellent anti-grab and rapid impact frequently hit the United defense behind, and ultimately completed the lore.As Bristol City player Smith scored the lore goal, Aster Gate Stadium became a happy ocean. When the game is over, excited fans rushed into the stadium to celebrate the historic moment with the players.