The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens, the same district infantry, Steelers opened the interception and all the way from the half to the Ravens red zone, Levon - Bell easily rushed into the area, won the first game A touchdown. The second section of Madden Coins the Steelers redouble their efforts, the Ravens defensive team For the Steelers' two top-flight weapons take over Antonio - Brown and run Wei Levion - Bell no way, Le Vaughan - Bell easily go to another city.


    Ravens quarterback Joe - Flaco has not given away because the first section to send a copy of the long pass, he was 30 yards in the Steelers half-court directly look for external receiver Chris - Moore to complete the touchback Minute. In the third quarter, the Steelers not only failed to score 1, the defensive group also released a free kick to the Ravens and two touchdowns, so Ravens go-ahead score, the last section of life and death battle, Steelers Finally found the offensive state, Antonio - Brown scored 57 yards in the catcher after the ball, led the team directly to the Ravens Red Zone, and eventually won the touchdowns, but the two-point conversion without touchdowns Lore buried foreshadowing.